Fall in Love with the Process


To achieve something great in life there is a path you need to walk on. Be in love with the process. Have a dosis of patience while walking on this path. Who told you hard work doesn’t pay off? The most succesful entrepreneurs will confirm that it does. The highest paid people in America, in every field, work fifty to sixty hours a week. According to Brian Tracy, a bestselling author and motivational speaker, the average self-made millionaire works fifty-nine hours a week. They realized that in order to reap a great harvest later in their career, they had to sow a lot of seeds in the springtime of their career.
You have to work! You can’t sit at home and expect to become a millionair by overnight. It has to cost you. Stop being lazy. Workkk! Love the process. In fact adore it and cherish it. There are days you don’t feel like waking up early or staying awake a bit longer to study or to rehearse. But when you are a longterm thinker you will find enerqy to persevere. Most importantly, you need to be passionate of what you do. It is during this process that you will get to know yourself a bit better. You will fail and make many mistakes.
To be honest with you, when you are pursuing a big dream you will make a lot of mistakes, you will make unwise decisions. But that is alright that is the perfect opportunity for you to learn. That is how you become that experienced and matured individual. When the time is due you will get the opportunity to share your experience and educate others.
I’m so sorry to say this, but you are not perfect (yet) make sure you don’t repeat the same mistakes over and over again. Love the journey you are on to become that influential woman. Love the journey you are on to become that succesful man that makes great impact. You need to do the extraordinary to achieve the remarkable.
Lack of preparation will not let you last on your end goal. The luxurious lives of the people you see on tv or on social media did not just come to them. They worked for it. I am not talking about those people that were born in rich families. Not to forget that you can also loose it all if you don’t apply wisdom to spend the money. But I’m talking about those that had nothing. Literally nothing. That had to walk for hours to fetch water. That toiled and toiled, but didn’t receive a reward. Those that were seeking and seeking but still did not find. Those that were rejected and were given up on, because of the way they look or come from.
Oprah Winfrey is a perfect example. This woman was rejected by many tv-stations. Yet still she didn’t give up on her dream. Now she is one of the richest people in the world. So coming from a poor family is not an excuse. It is too expensive to give up. That’s why you don’t have a choice but to adore the process. If you are in love with the process, you will even forget that you haven’t reached your goal. I will say it again, we need to be patient! That is the only way you will fall in love with the process and reach your destiny.
You can not have succes without sacrifice.
Be passionate, work hard and pray even harder you will get there!

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