Mind you?!

I’m not here to correct anyone or anybody. But I believe that at times we all feel like certain things need to be addressed publicly, with publicly I mean on social media. Nowadays social media has become a platform where everyone has an issue or an opinion with a certain thing; ‘someone said this so I want to speak on that. Or someone did something so I will post something on social media with the hope that I draw a lot of attention so people can start reacting on that thing I posted so the person can be exposed.’ What happened to overcoming evil with good? (Romans 12:21)

The media will have you caught up on a new person every single day and it will literally frustrate you. The funny truth is that everyone has something to say on social media. All of a sudden everyone has the guts to post whatever they like: social media thugs😅. Everyone all of a sudden have become professors and psychologists. As Delay would say; who do you think you are?!

Blog 04-05

We live in a time where freedom of speech is allowed, yes it is, but we need to be quiet sometimes, not because you feel some type of way about someone or something you have to take it to social media. You don’t always have to prove that you know it better. Silence is golden! Learn to ignore and overlook things. If you can’t handle the fact that someone is being ‘ignorant’ approach the person and talk about it or give the person advice in private or just mind your own business. Things that doesn’t concern us at all we all have something to say about it keep your opinion for yourself. Nowadays we tend to neglect quality time with family and friends. And all we do is throw ‘shade’ and undercover shots on social media. Unfortunately, it looks like I’m doing it now, but I just want you to think while you’re reading this blog. We find it more important to find out what our friends are saying on Facebook or how many likes they got on Instagram. The point I’m trying to make is stop trying to prove that you know it all on social media, if you think that someone is consistently saying things you don’t agree with just try and approach that person in private. And yes, I’m also aware of the fact that it is not everyone that likes to be corrected or confronted. Some of us are not approachable and that is the bitter truth. So if talking to such a person doesn’t work take it into prayer…

A friend once said that there are certain things we take into prayer whiles it is not even prayer that is required at that moment. It is not that prayer doesn’t work, it does and I love it! But it is not literally every single situation that we need to pray about, sometimes we need wisdom to respond. We should rather use social media to impact our society in a positive way.

Sometimes we are the ones suppressing our own destiny, we have become our own demons by allowing ourselves to be distracted by unnecessary things. Don’t get caught up by all this negativity you see on social media. It will keep you walking in circles because every day someone will say something ‘stupid’ that will get you mad. Don’t let these distractions steal your focus from the Lord. Continue to be focused on your destiny. Use social media to reach those you are destined to reach and stop fighting people you don’t agree with! That is how you REALLY make a change.

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