A Rain drop, Together an Ocean

It was very busy at work. It felt like I was going crazy. There were so many things that needed to be done at once. Well, not at once but in my head it felt like that. There were too many things running through my mind. People were coming to my desk to ask several questions, I had to communicate with my payroll department a lot. There were letters that needed to be drafted, signed and handed over. It was a typical ‘pay day’. I currently work at a HR department where it can be very busy at times, especcially on pay day. Normally when it’s pay day people are obviously excited and are like ‘ yaay’ but if you work at a HR/payroll department you will be like ‘naay’ lol. People don’t make jokes when it comes to their money.

It seemed like everything went wrong, that could go wrong. Can’t go in too much details, because I might lose my job lol. People were coming in and out my office. We were receiving over 10 e-mails in one hour. But what kept me going was my direct colleagues. We did this together and we were solving issues together. We didn’t play the blame-game. We just looked at the issue analyzed it and found ways to solve it. We were working together as a TEAM. We are all very different individuals but daily we manage to complement one another. In this way we always improve as a team and the quality of our work is always at a high level. We make sure we cover each others mistakes. When something was not processed correctly and another department finds out, I don’t put the blame on her but I apologize on her behalf and correct it. And she does the same thing with me. It makes our work easier, it is unity that makes it easier.


The people that wanted to build the tower in Babylon were so powerful that even God said that nothing they plan to do will be impossible for them (Genesis 11:6 NIV). The only way God could stop them is to disunite them. In life you can never make it alone, you always need a shoulder to lean on. You always need someone to buy your products in order to make your business flourish. Even in ministry you need people to make it effective and more successful. But why is it that the body of Christ is not as united as it should be? Why are we always competing instead of collaborating? Why are we always insulting one another instead of correcting in love? If there is anything we can learn from the people in Babylon it is the way they managed to work on something big. Their passion, dedication and hard work was their one language. It was at one level. I believe this story was recorded in the bible so we can learn something from those people. As christians we would do exploits if we were walking according to God’s will and speaking one language. The impact we would make, would be much greater than it is now.

You cannot do it all, there is always something you can’t do that your neighbour can do.

unity2 In the same way you can do something someone else can’t. That is the power of diversity. We are all unique in our own way. In the human body we have different parts that have diffrent functions. We have the eyes, the ears, the hands, the foot, the mouth and the list goes on.

According to 1 Corinthians 12 NKJV the different parts of the human body are special in their own way. The ear can’t say he is more special than the eye. The eye cannot say to the hand ‘I don’t need you’ nor can the head say to the foot ‘I don’t need you’. Because the weaker parts are rather the body parts that are necessary. And if the whole body was a mouth it wouldn’t be able to see or smell. We wouldn’t even be able to call it a body. lf you read 1 corinthians 12 you will fully understand why it is so important to be united. If evil gangs can unite we from the church should be way better in uniting with one another. We shoukd set an example.  Instead of exposing learn to cover a brother or sister. This is the only way we can promote  and advance the kingdom of God. Think about it!

unity 3

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