When the Year Ends…

Hi everyone it’s been a while since a new blogpost isn’t it?

So sorry.. you know.. life got to us. Naaa not like that but what I mean is life really got to us, each one for her or himself. It’s almost the ending of the year and I can say a lot has happened, good things and not so good things. But you know what? Life goes on.. no matter the storms, the heartbreaks, the sleepless nights life definitely goes on.

Sometimes I’m in my room and tears start rolling down, thinking about my life, the things I went through months ago, things I have never shared with someone because I’ll feel ashamed on how people will think about ‘me’.

At times we encourage others by our ‘lifestyle’ and by the encouraging messages and conversations we share on Social Media and the people around us. But sometimes it’s like you forget for a few seconds that you need that encouragement yourself, that 1 extra push. You are always the one offering a helping hand and encouraging others, but who is encouraging you when you need it? Whose shoulder is available for you to cry on? Who is there to listen to your problems? Or give you a pep talk when you need it the most?! If there is no one to do that for you, do it yourself, stand in front of the mirror and start encouraging yourself if that is hard for you to do, use sticky notes and spread it all over your room.

This is just a short message we wanted to share with y’all. In the month of December and January 2019. We will be sharing a few story times and even a minivlogs (but that’s not confirmed yet). We will keep you posted about everything. Right now we need to practice what we preach: Consistency is the key, we will not give up!

Don’t sleep on us we’re still here and we’re not going anywhere soon🤗🥰

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