Who is ‘Us’?

Samantha and Justine are two young Christian ladies who have the passion to inspire others and give others the platform to display their talents. Besides that, Justine and Samantha desire to give these individuals the opportunity to share their life experiences, goals, achievements and beliefs in life.

The two ladies decided to start a blog in the year 2017, they are passionate about their ideas and want to make it known to the world. Samantha is someone who has been watching and listening to several inspirational speakers and vloggers. There is an inspirational vlogger who always says: Thoughts become things, this made Samantha realize that in life whenever you want to do something don’t just think about it but work towards it with actions, putting your thoughts into practice. Justine is someone who loves to write, whenever she is reading touching scriptures from the Bible she would write about these scriptures. She loves reading blogs from other bloggers and she realized how inspiring, fun and educative blogs can be.

So the ladies decided to collaborate and start a blog together as they have the same goals and ambition to inspire others. Read their latest blog post!