Deborah Darling: Life, Succes and Ministry

Deborah Darling

Deborah Darling is a young and vibrant minister of the Gospel, worship leader and entrepreneur based in the United Kingdom. In August 2018 she came and ministered in Amsterdam. We took this opportunity to ask her about her perspective on life, ministry and success.


What does succes mean to you?

Succes means to me that you are putting in all the effort you can put in and be fruitful in your effort. So that could be anything. Just having joy and peace whilst you put in that effort. You can put in effort and receive fruitfulness but you may not have joy and peace while being fruitful. So you should really be at peace and have joy and reap from it, that is succes to me.

How do you keep your relationship with God so intimate?

I make sure that I have time for God. I put God into my schedule I dont necessarily fit Him in when I can. That is my thing, I make sure He is part of my routine. Waking up in the morning and making sure I at least say ‘Thank you God’  before I do anything else is very very important to me. I’m very concious and aware of who comes first and what comes first in my life.
I don’t really have a secret, but I would say that I pray a lot. I make sure that I’m constantly talking to God about everything that I do, I seek Him, I talk to Him. When I am feeling uneasy I tell Him. when I’m feeling weak; when it feels like I don’t want to pray or read my bible I let Him know and I tell him, ‘ Lord I don’t really want to pray nor read my bible can you give me that extra push?’

Describe yourself in three words:

Fearless, passionate and happy.

How did you find your purpose?

I don’t think I found my purpose, I think my purpose found me. The reason why I say that, is because I was going through seasons. Every season in my life reveals different parts of my assignment. We have one goal but I don’t think we have one assignment for the whole way through. The end goal for every assignment is to win souls, to bring people to the knowledge of Christ. For people to know who God is and to make sure you are giving Him glory and worshipping Him all the time. So for me it was not necessarily finding purpose, it was knowing that these are my gifts, this is what I’m good at, this is what I have been through; how do I use all these things for people to know who my God is. We all have different types of gifts and talents. We all have physical talents and spiritual gifts. So it is about finding out what those are. Personally, I also think it’s about being in the right place in terms of church, having spiritual parents and having mentors that can identify what you are good at and let you know where you should focus on and pray about. Just observe yourself and study yourself and focus on the things that have become really easy to you, those things tend to be your gifts.

“The end goal for every assignment is to win souls, to bring people to the knowledge of Christ.”

Have you ever felt like giving up? What discouraged you?

Yes, all the time. What discourages me is when I am putting in effort and I don’t see results from that. Or when I have disappointed myself when I sin, I feel quite discouraged because its like I have let God down and I’ve let myself down again. So I get discouraged again and think, maybe I’m not good enough to do this ministry thing. Maybe I’m not good enough to talk about you Jesus because everytime I’m talking about you, I’m still struggling with certain things. That is what discourages me.

What keeps you going in life?

Knowing that God loves me regardless of what I do. There is nothing that can ever seperate me from His love, that is what keeps me going. Knowing that He is taking me from my past and He is putting me at this place and He has given me salvation. So why should I stop now?!

What is that one thing you can’t stand?

Disrespectful people. I don’t like rudeness.

How do you deal with offence?

I pray for the people that have offended me. And I ask the Holy Spirit to help me to walk in love. You know the Holy Spirit is a helper so the times you feel like, you don’t want to show love, ask for that extra push. Show love anyway even when you don’t feel it, because eventually you will feel it.

What would you advise someone who is easily offended?

It is very important that you let your brother or sister know when they have offended you. Even the bible says it. The bible also says to be at peace with all men. And if they don’t want to work it out, then get someone to help you speak to them. Then at least you have done your part to be at peace with them. Let them know, because people aren’t magicians they don’t always know when they have offended you. It is not always malicious, well sometimes it is, but it is very important for us to let people know when they have offended us.

Do you think you make enough time for friends and family?

Yes, I really think I do.

How do you combine your personal life with ministry?

My personal life is ministry. What I mean by that is, that I don’t like to separate it. The reason why I say this, is because ministry is not just when I’m holding a microphone or when I’m counseling people. Ministry for me is even sitting down and thinking. My life must look like what I put out on the stage. So I try not to separate the two, but I know what kind of question you are asking.  I just make sure that I don’t lose my godly morals in my personal life. So everything that is done and said and I put out on stage, I try my hardest to embody that in my personal life. I talk to God a lot to increase my capacity and to help me out everyday.

What do you think Christians should do to make an impact in this generation?

To know the word of God. In the book of Ephesians, it tells us that the word is a sword of the Spirit. So if more people knew the word of God, we would have sharper weapons to make an impact in this generation. Because this generation is a very stubborn generation and also a very knowledgeable generation, so we have to make sure that with all the knowledge we are obtaining, that we also seek the word of God.

“If more people knew the word of God, we would have sharper weapons to make an impact in this generation”

What would you advise young ministers?

One thing I would tell young ministers of today is: slow down. Don’t be in a rush to have a title. Don’t be in a rush to have a stage, don’t be in a rush to have followers or anything like that but always be in a rush to learn. Always seek accountability, seek correction and serve. Serve, serve, I can’t say this enough! Be a good servant and disciple. Sit under leaders and learn from them. And study a lot. So basically, to the young ministers: study, learn and serve!


In February 2019 Deborah Darling will host her annual conference ‘Women at War’ in Amsterdam. For more information kindly visit her social media platforms!